Thriving in cybersecurity solution, xDNA is working on state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies that will reduce the impact of online fraud and disinformation. Our subject mather experts in close collaboration with governmental agencies and external partners are constantly thriving to think outside of the box to solve urgent cybersecurity issues of today.

Artificial intelligence

Evolving in artificial intelligence and machine learning, xDNA is developing distinctive neural networks to recognize patterns in online fraud and disinformation and actively train the AI to act independently to flag, block and remove illegal content. Beside our main ambition we evolve traditional ecosystems to the next level so they can use Artificial Intelligence to up their ante to cope with the future.

Detection & response

Initiating in detection and response services, xDNA has highly trained experts in the areas on ethical hacking, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cryptography, technical architects, and developers. In these areas of expertise we can detect online fraud and disinformation for companies and governmental agencies and respond accordantly to the threats at hand. 


Advancing in cryptography, xDNA is designing cryptographic algorithms to protect assets against tampering, ransomware, zero days and hacking. With the use of our cryptographic solutions we can prevent hacking and infiltrations upfront, this way we can keep critical devices safe without the risk of breaches.